Lisa Martin: 

While living in Chiangmai, Thailand, Lisa qualified in Thai Massage at the Kherliang Universal Centre of Healing Arts, where she trained under Master Jo Kherliang in 2003 gaining a diploma in Thai Massage .  

In 2004 she qualified as a Sri Sri Yoga teacher for the Art of Living foundation, and teaches regular courses and classes in Thai Massage and Sri Sri Yoga.

Her personal dedication to the path of health and happiness reflects in her teaching and healing. Which she practices in a pure thorough and sincere manner. Lisa is also a dancer and an artist.

Lisa on  Thai Massage :

"Our Body is our earth ship magnificently designed to bring us the wisdom of life, if we honor it, listen to it and love it. Through the physical we can experience the non-physical and into the depths of ourselves. When we allow ourselves to surrender into the depths of ourselves we are able to access deep healing and rejuvenation. Through massage and yoga we can become  more fully present in our bodies, on this earth, and with each other. When the body is able to release stress and tension, whether superficial or deep-seated trauma, we experience renewed energy and enthusiasm for life. We are all made of love, that is energy, life force. We can heal ourselves through our awareness, touch and compassion for ourselves and each other. "

 School of Authentic Thai Yoga Massage, 

 Capricorn Beach Muizenberg