About Lisa :

“As an Artist I find the desire to create can ask a lot, the more I seek my desire to create the more I find myself being asked to hold myself in embodied integrity, the more I allow the creative force to flow through me unrestricted, the more it releases all sorts of magic and aligns me more withthe life I truly wish to be living in all its different expressions.The practice of dance, yoga and body work for me, is a constant reminder that everything starts first with where I am right now in my body, in my breath, in my mind; through presence.From there how can I feel into my joy and creativity and how it wants to flow; this frees up incredible energy. Life itself is a creative act; we are constantly creating from moment to moment, our bodies are beautifully equipped to guide us through this life into the depths of who we and into more creative living.

Lisa is available for sessions at

Capricorn Beach,Muizenberg. 

for more information;  call Lisa on 073 838 0704.