The human Heart is now documented as the strongest generator of both electrical and magnetic fields in the body.

Important, because we've always been taught that the brain is where all of the action is. While the brain does have an electrical & a magnetic field, they are both relatively weak compared to the Heart.

The Heart is about 100,000 times stronger electrically & up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. Important, because the physical world - as we know it - is made of those 2 fields: electrical & magnetic fields of Energy. Physics now tells us that if we can change either the magnetic field or the electrical field of the atom, we literally change that atom and its elements within our body and this world.
The human Heart is designed to do BOTH. “

~ David Math, TruSparta

There are no beginnings and no endings. The Universe is process and the process is in me. When I fight this process Or ignore I am in trouble,

 When I move with it something happens. Amazing how touch inspires connection and a flow of sharing during the Thai Massage Workshops.

A group of strangers meet for a workshop and during our time together, people share stories about themselves and connect in such a sincere way . Our Usual everyday behaviour and interaction would not allow this so easily.

When we become more present in our bodies and more conscious of our breath we become more natural and a sense of freedom comes. We begin to listen with our hearts as we get more in touch with our senses.

The energy between you and me becomes unified through this connection, we re no longer connecting on a head level where boundaries and arguments are made.
Energy is a confusing term . It is not nervous tension and not mental wishing it is subtle and powerful and circulates continuously in ones mental / physical self. Acupunctures and meridians show paths of energy. 

Energy is open free-moving, unbounded basically un-definable. It is life force unforced witch become forceful and powerful,

Flow is a over used words. It sometimes suggests loosely letting go; sloppy self indulgent freedom which is not true spontaneity. Flow is life blood circulation or breathing easily. Without self- consciousness. A person cannot force flow. Flow flows until we block it. It happens when we allow it by feeling and listening from the heart.

Harmony in Rest and Activity: Principles of Thai Yoga Massage

A principle of Aryuveda views the inside our body to reflect the environment, our external world.

Microcosm is the same as macrocosm.

In nature there are there are 3 qualities: Sattva, is the presence of clarity (Clarity, purity, silence,

wakefulness, truth, love and compassion.)

Rajas are the force of movement (activity, desire, cravings).

Tamas is inertia, matter (ignorance, darkness, sorrow, sleep, lethargy). These are called the 3 Gunas in

Yoga and Aryuveda.

Once one begins to understand that this natural interplay of the Gunas (which give rise to the 5

elements ) we one can make decisions that effect the quality of our external environment to balance

our life accordingly to create harmony.

At each moment a different action may be necessary because this harmony is constantly dancing

between the external and internal worlds.

But we can attend to small simple things every moment with a little bit of awareness to take us back to a

natural state of balance. The Key is awareness; witch comes with a little bit of effort and Self Knowledge.

We are always under the influence of the 3 Gunas it is present in our own mental, emotional and

physical activity, we can see these qualities in the different times of day: morning is Satvic. Midday is

Rajas and late evening is Tamas. The foods we eat also have these qualities and thus affect our state of

being; we need a balance of all these qualities in life. For example we need to experience Tamas in the

evening so we can fall asleep at night.

From The three Gunas arise the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. All these qualities

are present in our personal constitution of the self. Certain physiological functions of our body are

dependant on their harmonious interplay of these different elements. An imbalance of one or the

others may cause illness.

Earth needs water to keep moist wind, to maintain its shape, support movement. And fire to generate

heat and keep it from degenerating. Water flows within the earth and relies on wind for circulation.

Wind clings to water and earth for its movement. Fire radiates energy to keep all elements in a healthy

state. All four elements must be in harmony and in balance to ensure wellness.

In Thai Massage any blockage of the meridian lines (the Sen Sib) may be due to a lack of balance

between the elements.

A Thai Massage affects all the elements in the body and will bring them back in to dynamic harmony.

It treats the Earth element within us by attending to the muscles, bones and ligaments.

The water element is composed of approximately 12 substances in the body. These are bile, mucus,

lymph, blood, sweat, liquid fat solid fat, tears, saliva, nasal mucus and synovial fluid and urine. Thai

Massage stimulates the water element to flow through the entire body and helps maintain healthy

function of the organs.

The wind element constitutes lightness and circulation throughout the body. It is the energy that

provides for movement. Thai massage helps direct the movement to flow in the right direction.

The fire element is attended to during a Thai Massage by improving circulation witch helps maintain

proper temperature.

The most beautiful quality in Thai Massage is the element of mindfulness; the element of Ether. Through

awareness on the breath, body sensations and observation of the mind; experienced by both giver and

receiver, and awareness of the subtlest of harmony and equilibrium are created;

Thus the Satvic pleasure through deep rest is achieved. Then momentary pleasure of Rajas activity

becomes insignificant. We move beyond it. This magnanimous experience is energizing on a very deep

level of our beings.

Deep rest creates a heightened awareness towards imbalances, so that a deeper sensitivity can be

cultivated during our every day life, witch can help to create an improved quality of living.

Different types of restlessness and its remedies: the first is due to the place you are in. the second

is due to the time of day, chanting singing, children playing and laughing can change atmospheric


The second type to restlessness is in the body. Eating the wrong food at odd times, not exercising and

overworking can all causes a physical restlessness. The remedy for this is exercise, moderation in work

or attending to our diet.

Then there is mental restlessness, it is caused by ambition, strong thoughts, likes or dislikes. Knowledge

alone can cure this restlessness. Seeing life from a broader perspective, knowledge of the Self; and

the impermanence of everything can help. If you achieve everything . So what? After you achieve

you will die. Knowledge of life and death, Confidence in the Self, in the divine, can calm down mental


The 4th type is emotional restlessness. Any amount of knowledge does not help here. Spitiural Practices

such as mediation, yoga breath work helps.

The fifth type of restlessness is the restlessness of the soul. When everything feels empty and

meaningless, when you experience this, know you are very fortunate. Do not try to get rid of it. Embrace

it. This restlessness of the soul can bring authentic prayer in you. Do not try to get rid of it, embrace it

restlessness of the soul brings perfection.

To Listen Deeply : 

I’m always humbled and left in a peaceful awe after giving a Thai Massage treatment. A sense of

gentle peace, fulfilment and gratitude at the experience, a profound conversation beyond words has

taken place; a sacred exchange.

I am reminded at how nature has its own innate ability to bring itself into equilibrium. Thai Massage

is always practiced with mindfulness; the practitioner strives to work with “Promiiwihaan Sii” the

Four Divine States of Mind without Limitation: these are joy, love, compassion and equanimity. We

strive to embody these states of being through our awareness when giving a Thai Yoga Massage.

In the Yoga tradition we are not just made of our physical bodies, to most people this is obvious, we

are more than just our bodies, in a more subtle way we are also our minds, our emotion. Beyond all

of that that we are something more, within all of us there is a deep sense of peace and joy that we

can experience when we touch the very core of ourselves.

All spiritual practice as well as healing modalities are in some way taking us back to the core

our beings. It is here that we are renewed. Its is in the Ananada Kosha (layer or sheath of the

bliss) where we experience a deep sense of peace, that our bodies are able to rejuvenate and

replenish. Our life force energy is recharged and all our negative thought patterns and emotions are

surrendered. This is where the healing can take place. If we are able to bring ourselves again and

again to the source we move beyond the body, mind and emotions to our blissful self.

A practitioner of Thai Massage is always aware of her breath, moving and flowing with the

movement and rhythm of the massage, we again and again bring ourselves to the present moment

and our client’s experience. This presence of mind is reflected in our own bodies, how we hold

ourselves, our posture is relaxed and centred. Our movements flow from “Dan’tien” our core centre

as we allow our bodies to express compassion and equanimity by remaining relaxed and at ease.

The Thai Massage Practitioner will never use her own strength, but rather transfer the body weight

with effortless effort creating a deep healing pressure for the client. Always giving generously

without strain or resistance within her-self allowing the life force energy to flow freely. We observe

our breath, our thoughts and emotions, but always remain calm and equanimous regardless of what

thoughts or emotions may arise.

This way we hold a space of peace for our clients so that they feel; “Yes, it is ok, I can let go of these

things that do not serve me.” and so in this way they move into deep surrender, deep relaxation

where healing can take place.

Both practitioner and client are left feeling good after the session. Most report feeling energised,

relaxed, de stressed, relief from chronic pain and fatigue and a general sense of wellbeing. ..It is the

quality of deep listening, listing through our bodies that allows for this exchange of information to

take place, the transferral of experience through the exchange of sense information between client

and practitioner.

A natural process of leading back to equanimity witch we can only honour with awareness: Namaste.

“Enlightenment is the very core of our being; going into the core and living life from there. We

were born with silence and as we grew up we lost the silence were filled with words. We lived

in our hearts and as time passed we moved into our heads. Now the reversal of this journey is


When the heart speaks and heart listens, harmony is produced. It is always so. When head talks and

head listens , argument is produced. Drop all the divisions (of the mind) altogether . This is what is

holding you back from enlightenment. This is what is holding you back from your very nature”

His H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 

School of Authentic Thai Yoga Massage, Capricorn Beach Muizenberg